Cambria Portrush and Calacatta Gold Select

Cambria Portrush Quartz

Cambria Portrush is a type of quartz countertop made by Cambria, a leading manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces. It is a part of the Cambria’s “Design Palette” collection and features a neutral gray background with white and black veining. The pattern is said to be evocative of the natural beauty of the Irish coast, its name Portrush is a town on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

Calacutta Gold Select

Calacatta Gold Select is a type of quartz countertop that mimics the look of natural Calacatta marble. Quartz is a man-made material made of a mixture of natural quartz and resin. Calacatta Gold Select quartz countertops are known for their white background and gray veining, similar to the Calacatta marble. They are durable, low maintenance, and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. They are widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops.