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Posted July 23, 2020 No comments |Granite Countertops

Santa Cecilia

The name comes from the patron saint of music, Saint Cecilia. When it comes to granite, Santa Cecilia is regarded as one of the most interesting, beautiful stones on the market. A beautiful, versatile stone for your home, Santa Cecilia granite is a great option. This stone from Brazil. Santa Cecilia Granite Price Santa Cecilia granite price makes it […]

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Posted March 7, 2018 No comments |Countertop Trends, Featured

2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

The kitchen is one room in your home that you can guarantee will get foot traffic. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious meals with the family and entertain guests. It only makes sense that you’d want one of the most central rooms in your house looking sharp. An important part of updating or remodeling your kitchen is selecting […]

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